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Sea Kayaking

Ready for fun on the water?.

Exploring Sark and the waters around it by kayak can be a big challenge. Tidal flows and the inaccessibility of some of the coastline make any journey around the coast a true kayaking adventure and an absolute delight! Those same currents that provide such exciting waters also have carved vast caverns and geological features that beg to be explored. Best of all there is no one else there, just a fabulous wealth of sea life and some of the clearest waters and freshest air anywhere in the world.

To get the best out of kayaking around Sark you need to be prepared to stop along the way to explore the caves and caverns and secluded (and deserted) bays. As well as sit on top kayaks we also have a range of other kayaks from short day tourers to full sized sea kayaks.

Local knowledge is key to kayaking in Sark. Our local Sark guides are available daily to take you on a custom trip that will be different every time. The trips are arranged to make the most of local tidal conditions and of course the weather. Contact us directly and our guides will suggest a time and trip that will be suitable for you. Our guides can also provide kayaking trips for inexperienced kayakers. All equipment is supplied.

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Please Contact us if you would like to book a session within the next 36 hours. Kayaking trips are most days at 10:00 and 14:00, they last 2 hours and are priced at £50 for adults and £40 for ages 15 and under.


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Small groups of keen adventurers.

We can advise and help you organize any part of your kayaking experience so that it exactly meets your needs. We look forward to meeting you and sharing this wonderful place. Let the adventure begin!

Ferry travel not included.

  • Kayak Prices
  • £ 50 2 Hours
    • Children Price £40 pp
    • All safety equipment supplied
    • Fully qualified instructors
    • Ferry travel not included

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Please email us on bookings@adventuresark.gg or call us on the number above if you would like to book a session within the next 36 hours.